If you are not quite ready to dive into a permanent tattoo, or would just like to see how it looks for a while before deciding then maybe a temporary tattoo is the way to go.

There are a number of companies that provide custom temporary tattoos using special cosmetic inks that are printed onto a rice paper or cigarette-like tissue paper. The results are very realistic, waterproof and can last up to 2 weeks. This process was used for the tattoos in cape fear (Robert De Niro), Once were Warriors, Dead man Walking (Sean Penn) and The 12 Monkeys ( Bruce Willis) and was developed by Temptu studios in new York.

Cosmetic inks are also used for temporary tattoos done with an airbrush and stenciling – another popular way for people to “test drive a tattoo”, so that they an decide on the size, shape colour and position.

Mehendi: in some Asian countries, such as India, the people have been using dyes (henna) to temporarily tattoo their bodies for centuries. When applied correctly, henna “stains” the skin, and the effect can last up to several weeks. Mehendi or henna tattoos have now become popular with the mainstream, with many tattoo shops now offering henna tattoo services.

Lastly for some people, the easiest and cheapest way out is to simply draw your desired tattoo onto your skin with non-toxic markers. many people who already have tattoos use this method to try and figure out the best design and placement for their next tattoo.

Do NOT think that you can have a temporary tattoo by using a needle that will only pierce the first few layers of skin – this is just not possible (but has become an urban myth).

Airbrush Dragon Tattoo